abada-capoeira melbourne

Discover a new world of movement and rhythm

Capoeira is a conversation through motion. Express yourself with free and creative movement.

Abada-Capoeira is a worldwide, diverse, and friendly community. We provide a safe space where we are all equals, independent of ability, age, or gender. The school promotes values of respect, cooperation, and freedom.

In our Capoeira Kids class, children learn to improve coordination, rhythmic sense, and concentration.

Discover martial art techniques connected to acrobatics, play instruments, and sing while exploring the joys of being active and interactive, having a lot of fun!

Join our trial classes to start to understand the movements, ideas, history, and music that makes Capoeira such a unique art form and our passion.


Check our locations, timetable and classes suitable for your new challenge.

Be part of ABADA-Capoeira community and join a Capoeira school present in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Any queries about classes, workshops, school incursions, or just about Capoeira are welcome. Choose one of our locations.

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New ABADA-Capoeira website

New ABADA-Capoeira website ABADA-Capoeira Australia is bringing their new websites. We are updating not only our content but our domain as well. These are our

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